Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting

On December 7, Anthony Joshua will fight Andy Ruiz Jr in about which is sure to attract plenty of attention from punters. Below, we’ve provided a comprehensive rundown of the Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting options to help ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting: Best sites and offers

Best BookmakersAnthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting list
ladbrokesBet at Ladbrokes T&Cs apply | 18+| New customers only
betfairBet at Betfair T&Cs apply | 18+| New customers only
paddy power logoBet at Paddypower T&Cs apply | 18+|New customers only
william-hill-bonusBet at William Hill T&Cs apply | 18+| New customers only
Coral logoBet at Coral T&Cs apply | 18+| New customers only

Betting on boxing is quite popular among UK operators. When it comes to Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting offers, for example, leading bookmakers are coming forward with a wealth of betting types.

Ladbrokes gives round betting for rounds 1, 2, and 3 at odds 25/1, 20/1, and 16/1 respectively. William Hill already offers bout betting, round betting, Fight to go the distance, and several more Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting options. The same applies to other major operators, including Betfair, Paddy Power, Skybet and Betfred.

How we selected our bookmakers for betting on Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz

To come up with the final Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting list, we compared the leading UK operators. We selected the best operators which you can find in the table below. Our selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Odds (including Anthony Joshua odds, Andy Ruiz odds, and more)
  • Betting offers (including Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting promos)
  • Betting Markets
  • Live streaming options (i.e., Anthony Joshua fight live stream)
  • Sections dedicated to football betting

Anthony Joshua fight: odds

Betting on boxing is an increasingly popular way to enjoy the sport, but it isn’t as straightforward as simply picking who you think will win. Bookmakers offer an array of different markets on various outcomes, and it’s important to be aware of exactly what it is you’re able to bet on.

For instance, as well as the standard outright winner market, the Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr fight will see most betting operators allow you to bet on individual rounds or groups of rounds, a winning method, and whether or not the fight will go the distance. With this in mind, let’s take a look at each of these different bets in detail, so if you’re sure that Anthony Joshua wins the upcoming fight you can give yourself the best chance of making some money.

Many different betting types exist in boxing, with the most important ones being discussed in the following section. So, if you are interested in, say, Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting experiences, you will find competitive boxing odds at online sports betting operators’ platforms.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting
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Paddy Power, for instance, offers 5/1 for Andy Ruiz to win and 3/10 for Anthony Joshua to regain his crown while Betfair gives 5/2 for Ruiz to win and 1/3 for Joshua to regain his title. For the latest odds, make sure you check out the operators’ sites.

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr: What to bet on

Several different types of Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting markets are already in box regarding the upcoming fight. These include:

Outright Winner

This is the perfect market for those that wish to bet on Andy Ruiz or Anthony Joshua to win outright. If you want to bet on Anthony Joshua, for example, >to win outright, this is the market for you.

This bet type directly related to the outcome of a fight. All that matters is that either Andy Ruiz or Anthony Joshua wins. With Joshua expected to win, the Anthony Joshua betting odds might not offer enough value for some, but if you’re confident enough it could be worth it.

Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. Round Betting

This market, great for those who know betting like the back of their hand, lets punters bet on which round their selected boxer will win in. This is ideal for the Joshua Ruiz rematch for those who don’t see enough value in the Anthony Joshua odds for an outright win, as it provides significantly more return on your investment if you can pick correctly.

It’s a great option for veteran punters, it allows them to wager on the exact round their favourite boxer will win in. So, if you don’t see it possible that Anthony Joshua wins outright and believe that the rematch will crown Ruiz the champ, you can place a round bet and get more return for your money if your selection is correct.

Round Group Betting

This betting option is a good one for those who want to find a happy medium between the two aforementioned wager types. Round group betting lets you select a group of rounds in which you think your selected boxer will win the fight, rather than just a solitary round. For example, you can bet on someone to win in rounds 7-9, which means if the fight ends in any of rounds 7, 8 or 9 in the favour of your boxer, you win.

You get to choose not only one but a group of rounds that you feel your favourite boxer will win the fight in. Therefore, if your gut feeling says that the Anthony Joshua fight time will impress his opponent, leading him to win in, say, rounds 6-8 (Joshua will win in any of these rounds), this is the bet type for you.

Winning Method

This market lets you choose not just who you think will win, but how you think they will do it. To add a little bit of extra value to your Anthony Joshua bet, for example, you can bet on him to win on points, which will give you significantly better odds if successful than an outright bet on Anthony Joshua would. You can predict how you think your selected boxer will win. It is an Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting type that gives much more favourable odds than an outright bet if you win.

Fight to Go the Distance

The last of the major Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting markets is for the fight to go the distance, which offers just two options; yes or no. If you’re confident that this one will go all the way and be decided by the judges on points after 12 gruelling rounds, you’ll get some pretty solid value, or alternatively you can bet on the fight ending before the close of 12 rounds. And it doesn’t matter who wins – there are no specific Anthony Joshua odds – you simply select ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

This bet type is cut for those that think that the judges will be the one that will determine the final outcome of the fight after 12 rounds. You may also bet on the opposite, meaning that the fight ends before the 12th round, irrespective of who wins.

Where to watch Anthony Joshua’s next fight?

Anthony Joshua’s next fight will be against Andy Ruiz Jr on December 7. Very few boxers in the world possess the appeal of Anthony Joshua with the Brit unbeaten in all of his previous fights before Ruiz. Statistics after the fight showed that over 15 million people watched the last Anthony Joshua fight live stream. As he takes on Ruiz Jronce more, many online bookmakers will be live streaming the fight for those customers who place a boxing bet with them.

Boxing fans can watch the Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua fight via live stream, which will enable them to bet on Anthony Joshua or Andy Ruiz with a fuller picture of what is going on in that rink. For instance, Skybet, Paddy Power and William Hill are already providing their customers with live streaming options on a variety of boxing matches.

Being able to watch the fight of the year live can indeed boost punters’ Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz betting outcomes. At the same time, operators will also offer multiple Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua odds, turning the heat on for the thousands of boxing enthusiasts out there.

Joshua vs Ruiz rematch: What to expect?

It has been a tough 12 months for Anthony Joshua. Many of his proposed fights have fallen through and his performance against Ruiz Jr was concerning. This is a huge opportunity for him to exact revenge on Ruiz Jr and claim the belts back. He has spoken of his frustration with how he performed on June 1 and his desire to set the record straight in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Ruiz Jr will be keen to showcase his talents once more. Weighing in at 115kg, his shape and style are unorthodox. But he troubled Joshua throughout the last bout and is now the unified World Heavyweight Champion. The Joshua Ruiz Jr rematch will be a huge opportunity for both men to write their names into boxing history.

For the winner, the likes of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury await in even more high profile bouts – with the heavyweight division awash with big names. But for the loser, it promises to be a long climb back up the World Heavyweight rankings.

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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr Rematch: Predictions

The Joshua Ruiz rematch is definitely the talk of the own lately after former heavyweight champ and world’s best boxer, Anthony Joshua, was shockingly defeated in June to Andy Ruiz. With a mandatory rematch clause in his contract, Anthony Joshua now has the chance to reclaim his title. Anthony Joshua’s next fight for the crown is expected to be legendary, experts believe. When the two fighters meet again some time before the end of 2019, operators give boosted Anthony Joshua odds to win.

As with the first fight in New York, Anthony Joshua is the heavy favourite to win. The odds are 1/3 with Bet 365 that Anthony Joshua wins whilst Andy Ruiz Jr’s performance in New York has seen his odds come in to around 5/2 (with Ladbrokes) to beat Joshua once again.

The Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz JR fight, though, creates quite a controversy. If Anthony Joshua wins, his career remains quite promising. Should he lose, it could be damaging and may even lead to his retirement.

On the other hand, many bookmakers give Andy Ruiz odds similar to those of an underdog. All in all, the Joshua Ruiz rematch is more likely to end up in a breath-cutting event, with the first still being the favourite. This, of course, is reflected in the Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua betting odds that will probably keep fluctuating until shortly before the big day.

Both men were floored in the previous fight and many experts are predicting another explosive encounter. A bet on Anthony Joshua to win by knockout (5/6with Paddy Power) whilst Andy Ruiz Jr is 11/4 (with Sky Bet) to repeat his method of victory.

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