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Bethub Samvo

As a bet broker, Samvo offer services to professional betting syndicates and private clients who are looking to place bets with high limits and the most competitive odds possible. The Bethub Samvo give customers access to live football odds all around the clock, for many league and matches.

PLEASE NOTE that Bethub Samvo has closed down. We recommend trying bet365 with our bet365 promo code instead.

Bethub Samvo

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Opening Account on Bethub Samvo

Samvo offer 2 account types: Silver Account with exclusive Samvo odds and no fee, and Platinum Account with access to multiple books and a 0.15% fee on effective turnover. This service is not available to the UK residents and the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Standard commission for bets placed by Skype and telephone
  • Minimum stake of £50 or currency equivalent
  • Minimum deposit of £100 or currency equivalent
  • Payment fees for some deposit or withdrawal methods
  • The Liability Matrix is a guide and the figures displayed are estimates
  • Live data is subject to delays
  • Accuracy cannot be guaranteed
  • Users with a UK address no longer have access to the Samvo Bethub

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Company Background

Samvo Limited was founded in 2004. Originally a telephone betting provider, the company was taking bets from clients who called their office. Today it has developed into on online bookmaker offering sports betting, casino and poker products.

Samvo’s headquarters are in London but their betting offer is designed for the Asian and European markets. They are well known for offering good odds for Asian handicap markets which are based on high turnover and low margins.

In 2005 Samvo Limited launched an online betting portal called Samvo Bet Broker. This sports betting brokerage offer exclusive services to clients and professional betting syndicates. In 2006 the Samvo Group began to develop models for automated trading and the platform was fully launched in 2009.

The trading system and brokerage combined to form one comprehensive betting exchange. In 2014 Samvo introduced an automated betting portal called Bethub Samvo to the market. The company gets good reviews on a betting forum.

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Initially, Samvo was licensed in the United Kingdom and then re-located to Curacao and Alderney. The company’s main online gambling license is with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission which is a trusted body in the sector.

Samvo no longer offer a service to customers based in the UK. In September 2015 Samvo withdrew bet brokerage service to UK based clients and ended their license with the UK Gambling Commission. However, Samvo still has a presence in Europe with an address in London.

The reasoning is not clear but Great Britain has a mature bookmaker betting market and bettors may feel they don’t require the services of a bet broker. Odds and limits are in the public domain and small and large bettors are accommodated and details are available on a forum.

Bet Brokers

Samvo is a Bet Broker that provides different levels of accounts. The service allows professional sports gamblers to place bets more seamlessly and at the best odds. In most cases the bet broker or agent allows their clients to bet from one account with the full range of bookmakers.

The aim is to take advantage of the best odds on the market and reduce the profit margin for bookmakers. Professionals can bet at higher limits than are associated with betting through individual bookmaker accounts.

Samvo’s service has a number of attractions for professionals who will want to place large bets. Betting activity is based on high turnover but low margins. The strike rate required to make a decent profit is lower than for regular bettors who have to overcome bigger profit margins.

The key measure of successful betting is the return on investment. This needs to be higher for small stakes than clients who place big bets.

Bethub Samvo About

Samvo Bet Brokerage Features

Here are the main advantages of using the bet broker services offered by Samvo:

Best Odds

One of the roles of the Samvo company is to make the highest odds available to their clients. Finding the most competitive odds reduces the commission paid to bookmakers. When betting with a smaller number of accounts higher commission rates apply.

The differences are only marginal but when staking significant amounts of money a small reduction in the percentage commission can add up to a great deal of betting funds.

Single Account

Samvo create one account for all their customers which provides access to any number of bookmakers. This streamlines the betting process and makes for easier money management. Multiple transactions are eliminated and there is no need to move funds between different bookmaker accounts.

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Higher Limits

A bookmaker will offer limits to customers based on their willingness to be exposed in a market and the ability to pay. Small staking gamblers are offered relatively low limits but a professional using Samvo can request higher limits and bigger bets.

Bets will be placed with more than one bookmaker through Samvo and this automatically increases the maximum stake for a bet.


Some bookmakers do not offer betting odds to the general public but will only operate through a bet broker or provide a private service. These bookmakers bet on higher limits and lower margins through Samvo.

There are restrictions on the use of some bookmakers due to location. It does not matter where someone lives as Samvo places bets on their behalf so there are more bookmakers to consider.

Samvo is faced with some concerns which they must overcome in order to operate effectively. One major concern is the safety of money because a client hands the money over to a third party so bets can be placed on their behalf.

There are also some costs associated with using Samvo’s bet brokerage service. The company charges commission for placing bets and small percentage costs can mean the difference between winning and losing overall and long term profits.

Samvo must also deal with the trade off between odds and limits. Some bettors prefer high limits at worse odds and other are more comfortable with lower limits but at the best odds.

Bethub Samvo Odds


Samvo have an excellent reputation for bet brokerage services. Customers like the range of early odds for all the major sporting events around the world and the range of live betting events.

They have clients in more than 20 countries who enjoy high limits. Bets of as much as £500,000 can be placed on fixtures in the main leagues around Europe, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga.

The major clubs, particularly those in England, like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal have a huge following in Asia where bettors want to place huge bets on the matches. Betting events in the less prestigious leagues have lower limits and the lower leagues in England are subject to much smaller stakes.

Bethub Samvo

One of Samvo’s relatively new initiatives is the Bethub Samvo. This feature gives the customer access to live odds on football matches around the world. Bets can be placed using desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet equipment.

Football betting can be carried out from one account which makes it streamlined and more efficient. Samvo accounts can be funded using popular payment methods such as bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller and major credit and debit cards. All banking transactions are free of charge.

Bet with the Samvo Bethub

Odds and Markets

Bethub Samvo provide real time odds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is an automated tool that provides access to live prices for football matches from all around the world.

One of its attractions is the facility to place bets quickly which is important in the live environment when odds are changing all the time as events take place in a match.

This platform is user-friendly and is quick and reliable. The facility is available on desktop computers, mobiles, and tablets. Odds are displayed in decimal format to three places so there is a greater range of prices compared to the traditional fractional format.

The difference is illustrated by the odds of 7/4 which equates to 2.75 but in a decimal format, the odds could be 2.750 to 2.755 which makes the odds more accurate.

Bethub Samvo cover main European leagues as follows: English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy and the German Bundesliga. Live odds are also available for many other football leagues around the world but these leagues have the highest limit and generate most betting interest.

For each match, customers can bet on the Asian Handicap, over/under goals and the 1X2. The main menu on the football homepage includes these options:

  • Events
  • Bet History
  • Bet Result
  • Betting Accounts
  • Preferences
  • Operation Management
  • FAQs
  • Logout

Matches can be searched based on a team name or selecting a team from a drop down menu. There are also menu options to select the type of bet and odds format.

The left-hand vertical menu lists the live fixtures which are organised by league and competition. Today’s and upcoming fixtures are displayed for all the leagues covered from Europe, South America, and the other continents.

Liabilities Matrix

The Liabilities Matrix on the Bethub Samvo is another feature that enhances the betting experience by providing detailed information about bets that have been taken. This feature provides a summary of the expected profit and loss of genuine bets which have been placed for a range of correct scores.

Bethub Samvo Matrix

Figures are shown for zero to nine goals for the home and away team. For example, the P/L is displayed on the matrix for a score of 4 all, when the home team and the away team both score four goals. There is an icon for each fixture which takes you to the liability matrix for a specific match and this option is available for each league on the Samvo Bethub.

Competitive Odds

One of the attractions of a successful and efficient bet brokerage is high limits allied to competitive odds and the Samvo Bethub delivers in this respect. For each match, customers can request the desired odds and stake.

Bethub offer a broad coverage and huge liquidity in football markets, especially related to the most important leagues such as the English Premier League. The high limits allow high-staking clients to more efficiently manage their bets and the bet placement procedure is fast and easy to follow using intuitive options on the bet screen.

Customer Service

Customers can contact Samvo using a generic email address or an email form. Customer support is available in a number of languages 24 hours a day. Offices are based in Europe but the customer base is in countries around the world including Europe and Asia. The betting products are designed for the European and Asian markets and that is why the odds can be displayed in fractional and decimal formats.


Samvo have an affiliate programme called Samvoaffiliates. Partners can be rewarded and earn a commission when they introduce players in sports betting poker and casino gaming. Incentives in the past included a free bet bonus for affiliate partners to place on the winner of the English Premier League.

New customers, regardless of address referred by Samvo affiliates, benefitted from an exciting promotion that allowed players to place get a free bet worth up to £5,000 on their Premier League outright selection. Bettors had to sign up and make a deposit for an amount between £100 and £5,000 to take advantage of this bonus.

Bethub Samvo Affiliate

The Samvo programme offers the affiliates comprehensive marketing support, including contemporary and creative online advertising material, real-time tracking tools, detailed reporting and the opportunity to earn commission on all products.

There are two options for affiliate partners to earn commissions: the CPA scheme rewards with a bounty amount per qualifying referred player, while hybrid commissions give the benefits of both net revenue share and turnover commissions. Affiliates can earn a share of net revenue on poker and casino games and a percentage of turn over generated by referred registered users on sports bets.

Closing Comments

Samvo are one of the most respected bet brokers in the industry. High staking customers know their money is secure and they have the facility to place bets with high limits at competitive odds. The technology behind the brokerage is modern and customers can visit the website using a desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Samvo’s services were not suited to the UK market but their products are very popular in the rest of Europe and in Asia, especially as they offer good odds for Asian Handicaps and accept big bets for these markets.

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