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English Premier League Betting Offers

Check out our comprehensive article on how to bet on the Premier League. Everything from the Best Odds, Stats, and Bonuses.

Bet on the Premier League Here

The English Premier League is perhaps one of the most difficult leagues to bet on. The high level of quality throughout the league means that any team can beat another on any given day.

So if Premier League betting is your thing, you need to be smart. Approach it from a different angle and put time into research. Lazy betting on the top 6 against one of the lower teams will lose you money in the long run.

With that in mind, we have created this article to give you a rundown of the things you need to know, and how you can make Premier League betting more profitable for you!

Best betting offers for Premier League

There are hundreds of bookmakers competing to try and win your custom. So it can be a little difficult deciding which one is best if you like betting on the English Premier League.

Who the best bookmakers are is subjective, so we are going to give you our favourites to get you started!

BookmakerMarketsOddsSee bonus code
bet365 sports
5/55/5Bet365 Bonus Code
Coral promo code
5/55/5Coral Promo Code
ladbrokes logo
4/54/5Ladbrokes Promo Code
4/54/5Betfair Promo Code

Bookmakers we selected to bet on the Premier League

Our betting experts selected the main UK bookmakers and did a small review of their betting offers. Before to sign up take the time to read our opinion ed decide which bookie is the best for you.


Bet365 lead the way when it comes to betting offers and bonuses for new customers, but we’ll have more on that in a bit. In terms of actual markets, they lead the way too and have a staggering number of markets for punters to choose on, offering some great odds.


Coral is right up there with the best bookmakers in the UK. It’s a trustworthy bookmaker that has been on the scene for many years. Read more about Coral and the Coral Promo Code here.


Betfair is one of the very best bookmakers in the business these days, and it helps that they have the very popular betting exchange as part of their product too. We’ve all been in the position where our prediction isn’t quite turning out as we expected. With the Betfair exchange, you can trade out of your position during the match and make a profit whatever the result! They also have one of the best bookmaker’s blogs, with lots of useful tips. They share the great odds available on the exchange to help you with your bets.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is well known for their whacky and crazy promotions. They have always been one of the best bookmakers, and since their merger with Betfair, they have just cemented that position. Paddy Power also has a great range of markets for you to bet on. If you want to be entertained, their social media channels also give very amusing coverage of the English Premier League!

How to bet on the Premier League

As mentioned, the trap that many people fall into is they bet on the heavy favourites to win their matches. The problem with Premier League betting (as well as betting on other tournaments, such as the World Cup) is that it is the most widely bet on competition. The weight of money that is bet means that the odds are very tight and accurate.

The key to successful betting is finding value. The odds of the top 6 teams to win are often very short, and there is absolutely no value to be had. That’s not to mean you can’t find value – but you need to look for it more carefully before making your predictions!

Promo Codes

Online bettors can use the promo codes for additional funds and other types of bonuses. These can be used on various matches, including Premier League games. If you like betting on this top-level English football league, you can use this to your advantage.

A promo code represents the combination of numbers and letters that unlock some sort of a promotion. Online bettors can enter the code while registering at an online bookmaker.

The easiest way to obtain the promo code is to do some online research and look out for the codes that will work at your favourite online bookie.

Outright Markets

Before the season even starts there are numerous ways of grabbing some value bets. During the summer months, teams fight for the latest world class players; there are lots of incomings and outgoings and changes to squads or even management. These changes make it very hard to judge a team’s chances the following season, which leaves some huge opportunities to find some big prices if you are willing to take them.

As an example, Leicester City, the winners of the 2015/2016 English Premier League started the season at 5000/1 to win the trophy!

There are numerous other markets to look at if you think you’ve spotted something that the odds compilers haven’t:

  • Premier League Outright Winner
  • Premier League Top 2 Odds
  • Premier League Top 4 Odds
  • Premier League Top 6 Odds
  • Premier League Top 10 Odds
  • Premier League Bottom 3 Odds
  • Premier League Top At Christmas Odds
  • Premier League Bottom At Christmas Odds

Premier League Points Handicap Betting

The Premier League points handicap betting market is one of the most intriguing. You’re looking for a team that you think will over achieve in relation to the others. The club that is favourite to win the league starts without a handicap. All of the other Premier League candidates are then given a + points headstart, which increases all the way down to the relegation candidates who are given around +45 points.

You are betting on the club that you feel will win the English Premier League once their +handicap has been added to their final points tally. With the odds of each selection usually being about 15/1 it means it can be particularly profitable if you pick the winning team!

Top Goalscorer Betting

Another great market to find some odds if you’re into Premier League betting is the Top Goalscorer market.

Simply put, you are betting on which player you think will score the highest number of goals during the English Premier League season.

Normally, one of the biggest names in the league wins the trophy, but as you can see from the following list, there have been a few seasons when bigger priced players have won it, such as Harry Kane, Dion Dublin and Kevin Phillips.

1992-1993Teddy SheringhamNottingham Forest/

Tottenham Hotspur

1993-1994Andy ColeNewcastle United34
1994-1995Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers34
1995-1996Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers31
1996-1997Alan ShearerNewcastle United25
1997-1998Dion DublinCoventry City18
Michael OwenLiverpool18
Chris SuttonBlackburn Rovers18
1998-1999Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkLeeds United18
Michael OwenLiverpool18
Dwight YorkeManchester United18
1999-2000Kevin PhillipsSunderland30
2000-2001Jimmy Floyd HasselbainkChelsea23
2001-2002Thierry HenryArsenal24
2002-2003Ruud van NistelrooyManchester United25
2003-2004Thierry HenryArsenal30
2004-2005Thierry HenryArsenal25
2005-2006Thierry HenryArsenal27
2006-2007Didier DrogbaChelsea20
2007-2008Cristiano RonaldoManchester United31
2008-2009Nicolas AnelkaChelsea19
2009-2010Didier DrogbaChelsea29
2010-2011Carlos TevezManchester City20
Dimitar BerbatovManchester United20
2011-2012Robin van PersieArsenal30
2012-2013Robin van PersieManchester United26
2013-2014Luis SuarezLiverpool31
2014-2015Sergio AgueroManchester City26
2015-2016Harry KaneTottenham Hotspur25

Odds for the favourite start at around 4/1 and average out at around 20/1 for strikers who are good and have a realistic shot.

English Premier League Betting Trends

Because of the unique nature of the English Premier League, you can use some little-known trends to help you with your match predictions and find some bets with great odds!

Correct Score Markets

Although the English Premier League is seen as an entertaining league, the most common scoreline doesn’t paint that picture.

Around 10% of games have a final scoreline of 1-0, with a further 10% having a scoreline of 1-1.

At the time of writing, there have been 353 games played in the 2016/2017 English Premier League. Below shows the frequency of each result.

Final ScorelineNumber Of Games% Of Total Games

It’s worth keeping these in mind when forming your predictions for the correct score market. Especially when two teams that are closely matched go head to head as you can pick up some great odds.

The 2016/2017 English Premier League has also been a great season so far for goalscoring. The average number of goals has increased to around 2.8 goals per game.

When forming your predictions, it’s also worth keeping in mind that the English Premier League has quite a low percentage of games having both teams scoring. Only 50.71% of Premier League games see both teams hitting the back of the net!

Home Advantage

Home advantage is not to be underestimated, especially in the 2016/2017 English Premier League, which may show where things are headed in the future. We have seen teams like Burnley have amazing home records, but fail to pick points up on the road.

These are the key stats to consider:

  • 49% of matches are home wins
  • 23% of matches are draws
  • 28% of matches are away wins

Late Goals

The clock is ticking, you’re in the 80th minute, your bet is winning, and the odds are decreasing. You may think your predictions are safe. Think again.

The 2016/2017 English Premier League season has seen 18.1% of the total goals scored after the 80th minute. That is 176 of the 973 total scored when you start to think your bet is safe.

You can turn this to your advantage and bet on some big odds as the clock ticks down!

About the English Premier League

The Premier League was formed in 1992 after clubs in the Football League First Division come together and decided away to take advantage of a lucrative TV rights deal.

It’s proven to be a great move, as the English Premier League is now the most watched league in the world and the clubs in the league take a share of a whopping 8.3billion pounds in TV revenue!

The English Premier League, for those of you that don’t know, is the pinnacle of the English Football league system.

It is contested by 20 clubs, and the participants each season change based on a relegation/promotion system.

Three teams are relegated from the English Premier League every season, and 3 are promoted from The Championship which is the second tier of English Football.

The season starts in August and runs until May with each team playing 38 games. This consists of one home match, and one away match against every other team in the league.

The team that gains the most points during those 38 games becomes the Premier League Champions. They also gain a place in the following season’s Champions League competition. Runners up, and third-placed teams also gain entry into the Champions League group stage, with the 4th placed team gaining entry to the Champions League qualifying round.

The fifth spot earns a place in the second-tier European competition, the Europa League. Places in the Europa League may open up for 6th and 7th placed teams, depending on who reaches the final in the FA Cup, and English League Cup.

European places are given to the winners of these competitions, so if they have already qualified for a place through their English Premier League position, then these Europa League spots are passed on to 6th and 7th placed teams in the league.

Since its formation, Manchester United have been the most successful team. The reign of Sir Alex Ferguson saw the ‘Red Devils’ win an astonishing 13 league titles.

1992-1993Manchester United84Aston Villa74
1993-1994Manchester United92Blackburn Rovers84
1994-1995Blackburn Rovers89Manchester United88
1995-1996Manchester United82Newcastle United78
1996-1997Manchester United75Newcastle United68
1997-1998Arsenal78Manchester United77
1998-1999Manchester United79Arsenal78
1999-2000Manchester United91Arsenal73
2000-2001Manchester United80Arsenal70
2002-2003Manchester United83Arsenal78
2005-2006Chelsea91Manchester United83
2006-2007Manchester United89Chelsea83
2007-2008Manchester United87Chelsea85
2008-2009Manchester United90Liverpool86
2009-2010Chelsea86Manchester United85
2010-2011Manchester United80Chelsea71
2011-2012Manchester City*89Manchester United89
2012-2013Manchester United89Manchester City78
2013-2014Manchester City86Liverpool84
2014-2015Chelsea87Manchester City79
2015-2016Leicester City81Arsenal71

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