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World Cup Betting 2018 Guide

As far as international football is concerned, there is undoubtedly no bigger competition than the World Cup. With Russia set to host the historic event in 2018, a whole host of nations will be looking to make it through to the final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Read our guide below to find out more about what to expect.

Top World Cup Betting Promotions

Some of the bookmakers that usually have promotions for the World Cup are as follows:

BookmakerLatest Bonus
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betfair betting offer for grand nationalSee Betfair BonusT&Cs apply | 18+ | New customers only
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World Cup Betting 2018 Guide

For those keen on backing your favourite team both before and during the tournament, our World Cup betting 2018 guide will provide readers with all the information and news surrounding wagering on the event in Russia. Similar to our Premier League Betting Guide; whether it be the best odds, generous bonuses or betting strategies that you are looking for, we have all bases covered in our detailed guide.

With some of the world’s best players hoping to shine on the international stage for their respective nations, there is almost endless opportunities to wager on your favourite team. With a whole host of bookmakers and online betting platforms competing for customers surrounding the tournament, we also take a closer look at the most suitable sportsbooks for you.

With many teams still battling to make it through to the finals, with 32 nations making up the draw, there are markets available throughout the qualifying campaign. Each side that finishes top of their respective group will qualify for the finals, with play-off rounds separating the best of the rest. With such action providing even more opportunities to make a profit on high-quality international football action, a whole host of markets are available online for you to take advantage of.

Bet on the World Cup

How to Bet on the World Cup 2018

With the World Cup 2018 qualifying campaign still going on, as well as the tournament Finals being less than a year away now, there are a number of different factors that must be taken into consideration for those looking to make any substantial earnings off the back of it.

With names such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr set to take part in Russia, along with countless other big names, games are likely to be highly competitive, with backing the tournament winner perhaps even trickier. However, following these simple rules will undoubtedly enhance your chances of beating the bookmakers come the end of the competition:

  • Bet when there is value
  • Specialise in certain markets
  • Stick to a consistent stake
  • Keep betting records
  • Utilise multiple bookmakers
  • Never bet in anger

Elsewhere, and due to the format of the competition, carrying out research surrounding all World Cup bets is a must, with a team’s motivation for victory, player availability and head-to-head records all likely to have an impact upon a final result. A wide variety of information and data is available surrounding matches, with statistics surrounding goals, form and their opponents among the most important details. Football has long been one of the most successful sports when it comes to wagering, with the 2018 World Cup set to attract the highest number of bets in history.

However, due to this, online bookmakers will be doing their upmost to ensure that they come out on top, meaning that punters will be forced to look into more diverse markets if they are to consistently place winning bets. With the favourite team’s generally being backed at very short odds due to their star players and standing in world football, markets such as number of goals, first goalscorer, both teams to score and half time/ full time are worth considering as alternatives to standard win/lose bets.

Best Bookmakers for World Cup Betting

With so many bookmakers to choose from when looking to place a bet on the 2018 World Cup, it can be difficult to make a decision. Of course, you are not limited to registering with just one platform, however the following names are some of the bookies to consider both during the remainder of qualifying and ahead of the finals in Russia next year.

  • Ladbrokes – Another platform with an excellent reputation, Ladbrokes offer a large number of markets on both World Cup qualifying and finals matches, as well as more obscure opportunities surrounding the outright tournament winner and top goalscorer. Their range of promotions are also likely to entice many new customers into registering, with their easy-to-use interface online and via mobile devices making betting easier than ever.
  • William Hill – William Hill are widely regarded as offering the best odds on football matches among all online bookmakers, making them an excellent option for those looking to place bets throughout the tournament. While they also offer the occasional promotion to customers, their focus is generally on the odds surrounding matches, as well as their wide range of markets.

Bet on the World Cup

World Cup 2018 Bonuses & Promotions

Most online bookmakers will try and entice customers into both registering and consistently placing bets by offering promotions for both new and existing customers. Ranging from free bet bonuses to insurance promotions, these are well worth taking advantage of, especially during a major tournament such as the World Cup. For those looking to utilise sign up offers or promotions surrounding the World Cup, be aware that each offer has their own individual terms and conditions.

Best Types of bets on the 2018 World Cup

As previously mentioned, duo to the huge attention in which the World Cup receives, many bookmakers are likely to offer a wide range of markets surrounding the famous tournament. While simply backing your favourite in win/loss markets may on occasion be a wise form of wagering, looking at more diverse markets will generally see the odds become more appealing. Below are just some of the markets worth considering when looking to place a bet on World Cup 2018 matches:

  • First Goalscorer – Having long been a popular market among football betting punters, backing the player in which you believe will score the first goal during a particular match often attracts large amounts of interest due to enhanced odds. Whether it be backing Messi to score first for Argentina or Ronaldo to open the scoring for Euro 2016 winners Portugal, many bookmakers offer the option to bet on this area of matches. Having looked at the starting line-ups of the two teams involved, backing an in-form striker or a goalscoring defender may just see you win big. However, this market is sometimes neglected, due to the fact that bets can be over in just a matter of minutes.
  • Both Teams to Score – Such markets are also worth looking at when betting on World Cup matches. Given the quality on display during the tournament, the chances of both teams producing a moment of quality in front of goal is a likely occurrence. Odds available for this market are generally very appealing, with World Cup history demonstrating that this is well worth considering surrounding certain matches. Whether it be Brazil and Germany to both score or England to level the score in an encounter with Spain, looking at a team’s attacking and defensive records will demonstrate as to whether they are worth backing.
  • Time of First Goal – Despite not being available with every bookmaker, this is a market that is increasingly gaining in popularity. With some teams within the World Cup set to dominate over lesser known teams, betting on an early goal is well worth considering. Elsewhere, other matches are likely to be much more competitive, with just a single goal separating the two teams. Here, backing a goal in the last ten minutes could well earn a significant amount of money. This is certainly one of the most exciting bets that can be placed, especially for those who are able to watch the action live as it is played out.
  • Over/Under – Another market that you can take advantage of is over/under. This means that you are predicting whether the total goals scored during an encounter will amount to more or less than a specific number. You will often find that bookmakers offer this type of bet on over/under 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, or 4.5 goals, with particularly appealing odds.
  • Handicap – Handicap betting has long been a firm favourite with football fans, with this market also available throughout the World Cup qualifying campaign and finals themselves. Often used as a way to crank up the odds offered, a team may be given half a goal, a goal start, or even more on occasion, with the odds lengthening in order to accommodate this. During the World Cup Finals next year, the likes of Brazil, Germany and Spain could potentially take on the likes of Iceland and Japan. Due to their favourites tag, odds on them winning despite a handicap will be appealing.
  • Other – Elsewhere, a number of other markets have been introduced over recent years, with scorecast, number of corners, cards and throw-ins among the most popular. If two teams have a reputation for being particularly aggressive, backing a number of yellow cards could be a wise decision.

World Cup Betting 2018 Strategies

Whether it be during qualifying or the World Cup Finals itself, you must have a strategy surrounding your wagering. Having signed up with a bookmaker, it can be very easy to lose sight of why you registered in the first place, with many seemingly aimlessly placing bets in the hope of coming out on top.

Betting on the outcome of a single match means that you have a 33% chance of being successful, judging on the fact that games can end in a win, draw or loss for an individual team. As a result, those looking to place bets on World Cup matches and the tournament, in general, should develop a strategy, no matter how detailed it may be.

As a result, we have developed a strategy that will significantly enhance your chances of being successful by the time the winning team has lifted the famous trophy. While there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning bet when it comes to wagering on the World Cup, following our carefully planned steps will certainly enhance your chances of beating the bookmakers.

  • Step 1 – The first step is to determine how much money you are willing to stake over a certain period of time. For single bets, it is often advised that no more than 5% of your money should be wagered. It is important to stick to a rough amount, avoiding the temptation to go big on Germany to beat Norway, for example.
  • Step 2 – Once you have your stake, you should then research everything concerning a potential betting selection, even if it is the team in which you support or follow. Look at their strengths, weaknesses, form, statistics, head-to-head records and available players. If England are without star striker Harry Kane due to injury or Phil Jones due to suspension, the chances of them winning are likely to diminish.
  • Step 3 – Selecting a bookmaker is your next port of call, registering with a platform who are able to meet your needs, as well as where you will be able to successfully utilise your World Cup 2018 betting strategy. Be careful not to simply go to the bookmaker with the biggest welcome bonus, with odds being more important in the long-term.
  • Step 4 – It is now time to start placing bets. Despite the likes of Germany and Spain having won the World Cup in recent history, predicting the outcome of matches during the tournament has become increasingly difficult, with the likes of South Korea and Australia having pulled off shock results recently. The success of a bet can often come down to luck and you are bound to lose bets on occasion, so be sure not to try too hard to regain your stake by placing bets in anger.

World Cup Betting 2018 Tips

While every man and his dog will have an opinion on matches concerning the World Cup, with a wide range of outlets providing news and information surrounding upcoming matches, it is important to follow news from reliable sources. It is easy to simply predict that Brazil will make it through to the last four or Cristiano Ronaldo will be among the leading goalscorers, however, there is far more detailed advice out there that is worth taking advantage of.

Elsewhere, and although this is not a must, we recommend not betting on your favourite team or country where you are from. Should you do so and that nation fails to win, you will suffer double the disappointment. Not only will you be disappointed at the result, but you will also be out of pocket.

World Cup 2018 Draw

With the qualifying campaign coming to an end across the world, with a number of teams still sweating on their participation in Russia next year, the draw for the tournament finals will take place on 1st December 2017. Having seen the line-up for the competition, you will be able to gain a much better understanding of how teams will potentially make it through to the final on the 15th July 2018.

World Cup 2018 Favourites

The usual suspects are likely to be among the leading candidates to lift the trophy in Russia next summer, with Germany, Spain and Italy among the European nations hoping to add to their previous victories. However, South American powerhouses Brazil and Argentina will be a threat to any opponent, while the likes of the Ivory Coast, Japan and the USA are all teams who can cause an upset on their day.

Hosts Russia are not being given a chance by many, however, the tournament is certain to offer up a whole host of talking points. Whether your preferred team is successful on the field or not, you can ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success of it, with following our World Cup 2018 betting guide providing a detailed insight into the betting options available surrounding the tournament.

Bet on the World Cup

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