About us

Online betting is entertainment, and at www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk we want to ensure that everyone has a good online betting experience. We have made it our job to test and review all bookmakers on the internet to come up with valuable inputs to enhance your experience of online betting.

Bet-bonuscode.co.uk is part of a large network providing information in 20 different countries. England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Poland are a few of the largest markets for online betting, but in the network, we try to also be represented in the small markets because we want to help as many people as possible and improve their betting experience.

Vision and mission

Vision: We will help interested parties to get the best experience with online betting.

Mission: In-depth reviews of betting sites and valuable articles about betting should prepare our readers to get a positive online betting experience.

The business model

Resources are needed to provide in-depth reviews and valuable articles about online betting. At www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk we allocate the necessary resources to achieve our aims by employing affiliate marketing. In short, we make agreements with individual companies, which means that we get compensation each time one of our readers decides to become a member at one of the companies reviewed on our site.

To prevent the business model from affecting the content on www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk, we work with a sharp editorial line, which you can read more about later.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widely used business models on the internet. It pays Company A an agreed amount when Company B sends customers to Company A. To put it simply, www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk receives payment when Unibet or another bookmaker receive a new member who is referred from the site.

It is an attractive business model for many companies because they only pay money for the traffic they actually receive. Affiliate marketing is much more efficient compared to TV advertising, where companies spend a lot of money to get 15 seconds in prime time without being guaranteed a single new customer.

In the graphic below, we have illustrated how the business model works.

About us www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk

Editorial line

The gaming industry is large and in many cases lacks transparency. For this reason, we are very careful when we select the topics and bookmakers that get mentioned on our site.

Less is more

There are many online bookmakers, but not all of them get mentioned on www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk. We make many conscious rejections in the interest of quality over quantity.

We test all bookmakers, but we only review the bookmakers which provide a consistent and reliable product. If a bookmaker does not deliver a good product, has questionable customer service or makes unreasonable demands of their customers, they are not reviewed on our site.

We make many subjective choices, but with a good understanding of the gaming industry, we believe that we are among the best at selecting which bookies should be discussed. The bookmakers we review are chosen on the basis of insights into the industry as well as personal experiences, keeping an eye on current media in the UK as well as customers’ experiences with the bookmaker.


At www.bet-bonuscode.co.uk, we work with the affiliate business model, meaning that we get paid each time bookies receive new members from us. However, the payment has no impact on the selection and content of our reviews. As mentioned in the previous section, we reserve the right to refuse bookmakers if they do not provide a satisfactory service. This helps to keep our reviews impartial and reliable.

Thematic content

We see it as our task to add more value to the gaming industry. Therefore, we develop a wide range of guides leading to more value in sports betting and giving the readers better knowledge on placing bets on sport and events. We also produce thematic articles that come with fun and alternative perspectives on the gaming industry.

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