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Dutching Calculator

Dutching is a betting technique that has been around for almost 100 years. It used to be quite complicated, but thanks to tools like our Dutching calculator, it is now easy!

Dutching is actually a technique with a very interesting past. The strategy was developed by Al Capone’s accountant, Dutch Schultz. While the origins of the technique may be dubious, it’s a completely legit, and clever tool to add to your betting strategies.

Dutching Calculator

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How to use our Dutching calculator?

  1. Research and choose suitable selections to dutch with.
  2. Enter the amount you are willing to stake
  3. Add any potential commission if there is any.
  4. Carefully input the prices (currently only in decimal) of each selection that you wish to bet on. Ensure that the prices don’t change while you’re making your calculations. In volatile markets, like Horse Racing that is near to the start time, the prices are constantly moving.
  5. Using the suggested stake on each selection, place it with the bookmaker of your choice.

dutching calculator

What is Dutching?

Simply put, dutching is a way of staking on multiple outcomes to ensure that no matter which of those outcomes win, you end up in profit. That is obviously the ideal scenario, and things can go wrong. But it’s a very good way of managing risk.

As we said previously, dutching is an old betting technique. But it is seeing a bit of a resurgence in popularity thanks to access to betting calculators like the one we have provided. The rise in betting exchanges (i.e. Matchbook) has also ensured that it, along with other techniques such as arbitrage or “arbing”, is now a favourite strategy of many gamblers.

The markets where dutching is most popular are ones where there are a lot of possible outcomes. As a result, Football and Horse Racing are generally the most used sports for dutching.

When should I use it?

The best time to use dutching is when you feel you have a great idea of how the Football match, or race will play out. But you aren’t 100% sure who or what the final winner will be.

Ultimately, you need the correct prices to be available to make this a worthwhile strategy. If you are trying to use a dutching strategy with bad prices, then it will end up being a losing endeavour.

It is smart to shop around for the different bookmakers and look for the best prices on each selection. You may finally back each selection with a different bookie, but at least you’ll know that you have got the maximum value from your bet! If you are looking for a bonus as well, then read more about our bet365 promo code.

Is Dutching worth it?

The very fact that dutching has been around for a long time means that it is definitely a strategy worth considering. Especially as you now have access to a dutching calculator which helps you with the tricky part!

But the key thing to remember with dutching is that it is just that: a strategy. Like any other strategy, it all depends on how you apply it to the sport of your choice.

It also depends on the other strategies you complement it with. Things like your bankroll management, your stake management, your research, how good you are at spotting the best prices and more.

So yes, dutching can most definitely be a smart and profitable betting strategy. But it’s not easy, and you must work hard to find your edge.

Try Dutching in the US

Fancy a trip across the pond, but don’t want to miss out on a bet? Check out the top NJ online bookmakers so you can spread out some bets. No matter where you are, dutching is a great way to ensure that you can still turn a profit on your bets. Don’t forget, even dutching isn’t guaranteed, but it does go a long way to helping you maximise your chances.

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