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Mustard Bet Bonus Code

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Mustardbet sports site is currently in beta, but when live we hope to bring you some exclusive offers. So, once live, make sure you remember the Mustardbet bonus code when you sign up for your new account!

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Mustardbet Bonus Code

To really get the best start to your time with the all new Mustardbet sportsbook you should make sure that you have the Mustardbet bonus code.

mustardbet beta

Bet at MustardBet!

Mustardbet sports may not have gone live yet but making sure that you are ready means that you can jump right in when the big day arrives. Ensuring you use the Mustardbet bonus code when you register for your new account will mean that you don’t miss out on any welcome offer promotion. If you are looking for a new alternative to MustardBet bookmaker, that has a bonus code, then see our review on BGO promo code or the bet365 bonus code.

What is Mustardbet?

Mustardbet are a brand new online betting site incorporating both a casino and a sportsbook. Tired of the same old promotions and gimmicks, the people behind Mustardbet decided that they could do things better themselves and the result was the site coming very soon.

How Will Mustardbet be Different?

Although it is very likely that Mustardbet will offer promotions – especially some kind of welcome offer where you can use the Mustardbet bonus code – the team behind this new betting venture are adamant that their product will not be the same old run of the mill betting website.

In a confident move, the Mustardbet team have been working on the type of betting site that they would want to use and be customers of. In a crowded market place it will be interesting to see exactly how different they will be but if their plans are anything to go by then whatever the end product is it will not be dull!mustardbet

Serious Business

Although there is a lot of fun to be had when it comes to betting, Mustardbet don’t want to go down the same route as some of the bigger names in the industry right now. Some bookies have made a name for themselves by offering ridiculous, comedy markets and marketing stunts. Whether they have been able to back that up with actual value is hard to say.

Mustardbet don’t want to have amazing brand awareness if it means that they are a laughing stock or not seen as a serious bookmaker. They know that serious punters don’t really care for frivolous markets. They want to get down to the real stuff.

mustardbet logo sign

What can you Bet on at Mustardbet?

Mustardbet has initially launched in beta with a casino site where new customer account holders can sign up. On top of that there is currently a limited sportsbook offering.

Mustardbet, at least in the beginning, will concentrate on the big sporting events with football likely to feature heavily. They know that football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK and will cater to their new customers with all the best football markets. Tennis, golf and horse racing are all very popular too so you can expect to be able to find the top competitions and tournaments covered here as well.

Mustardbet have already committed to covering some of the lesser sports right from the start as well so if you have any knowledge of sports that sometimes go under the radar then you could find that Mustardbet are the new destination for all your betting needs.

Bet at MustardBet!

By Gamblers, For Gamblers

The team behind Mustardbet have made it clear that they are unapologetically punters first and foremost. So they know that the last thing their potential customer base want is to lose out on some of the things that online punters have been doing for years.

If you know about the process of ‘arbing’ then you will probably also know that it is a very common practice among online gamblers. In very basic terms it is where a punter will take advantage of the variation in odds offered by different bookies to make sure that they make a profit, regardless on the actual outcome of an event.

Arbing is sometimes frowned upon by some in the industry as if it was somehow ‘against the rules’. It is actually completely legal and the team at Mustardbet acknowledge that they have been using the system as long as they can remember! Their outlook on arbing is along the lines of as long as you are having a bet and taking some money off other bookies as well then they have nothing against it.

This is just one example of how Mustardbet are hoping to give online betting back to the punters and not get caught up in any stupid regulations that just turn the punters off.

MustardBet Football Betting

We can probably expect some kind of welcome offer when the Mustardbet sportsbook site goes live and that means you can expect a Mustardbet bonus code to come in very handy when you sign up for your new customer account.

We don’t know what that Mustardbet bonus code will be yet – and we don’t know what exactly it will get you as you start your account. But if it is any kind of deposit match or free bet then it likely that you will be able to use it on select MustardBet football markets to take advantage of.

mustardbet football odds

Football Markets?

If Mustardbet are serious about going big on football when they launch their sportsbook in the coming months then you can be sure that all the big games will be available.

The Champions League has just started to get going and in a couple of months we will have a better idea of which sides are looking likely to make it through to the all-important knock out rounds.

Can Ronaldo inspire his Real Madrid team to become the first club to retain the trophy since Milan achieved that feat back in the late 1980s? Back then it was still just called the European Cup! Football markets don’t come much bigger than the Champions League and many football punters will already have their ideas of how this year’s competition will go.

Mustardbet are sure to offer markets on the outright winners as well individual matches and specials related to some of the top sides. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus and even Manchester City will be hoping that this year will be their year. By using some of the anticipated welcome offer you will receive from your Mustardbet bonus code it could be your year too!

Mustardbet are also sure to have markets covering all the big leagues from all around the world. England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and the German Bundesliga will all be well represented but with the amount of money in the Chinese game these days you could well see markets on the Chinese Super League becoming attractive for the world football punter.

Other MustardBet Sports

Football may well be the most popular sport to bet on in the UK but Mustardbet will want to offer markets on all the big betting sports. They have already said that they will concentrate on the beautiful game first but tennis, golf and horse racing will surely feature once the site goes live.

All three of those sports have tournaments that fill the calendar so you will always be able to find a competition or event going on when you fancy a bet.

Betting on the Go

We will have to see of Mustardbet will offer a downloadable app to be use on mobile phones and tablet devices. But the fact that mobile betting has revolutionised the gambling industry it is inconceivable that an app isn’t somewhere in their plans in the near future.

Making the process of betting even easier is every bookie’s goal – apart from making money! – having the ability to place a bet wherever you are, whenever you like is considered normal by today’s punters. It must be very likely that there will be a Mustardbet app at some point.

Mustardbet is Coming

Some might say that there is far too much choice in the online sports betting world as there is already, but a new kid on the block is always something to look out for. Mustardbet will know that they have to seem to offer something different – if not financially attractive – and by the sound of things that is exactly what will happen.

They have concentrated on a very straightforward, no nonsense approach to online betting and potential punters will be hoping that is what is delivered when the site eventually goes live.
Mustardbet say they will be happy to accept big bets on big events and if the final site is anywhere near as good as their pre-launch claims then their customers could be in for a treat.

Bet at MustardBet!

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